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The Difference Between Dembele And Bassey Sell Ons

So the SMSM are telling us that it’s a huge blow that Celtic will not be receiving any sell on clause for Moussa Dembele, after a £3m bid has been accepted by Lyon from Southampton for the player.

I’ve already wrote at least one or two articles on this in the past, that despite the constant stories every single transfer window that Celtic were “set to receive Dembele windfall”, and the ones about Tierney too, would not be getting the finance people at our club excited one bit, because we heard the same thing every single window and none of these two players every moved anywhere.

The only one who ever has made us further money was Van Dijk.

I said if it does happen and we make a few extra million, then great, but the club certainly won’t be banking on it.

So the news today that due to Lyon not making any profit on the £20m they paid us for his services and therefore meaning that Celtic won’t receive any more money from the deal, in reality, won’t matter a jot to the club.

And it will be the same for Tierney. We’ve already earned our money on these two. Anything after that was always going to be a bonus.

And our fans have always thought the same way. Unlike when Bassey left to go to Ajax from across the city, and their supporters were counting up the future windfall money in their heads before he was even first presented in an Ajax shirt!

If you remember on their forums the vast majority of them were utterly convinced that in a year or two Bassey would be going to the EPL for £70m.

And what is happening with Bassey now? He has been dropped from the team and is a laughing stock over in Holland.

The criticism he has received from ex-Ajax players in the media has been brutal. I actually feel kind of sorry for the guy, that’s how harsh some of the comments have been.

Celtic fans said he’d be found out when he went over there, that he had a few good games on the big stage last season towards the end but he wasn’t the plyer that he’d been hyped up to be and so far they’ve been proven right.

As things stand, they can also kiss goodbye to the several millions they expected from a future sell on fee, the difference is, their club desperately needs that money.

We don’t.

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