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FF In Meltdown As Big Ange Has Our Rivals On Strings

Over on the toxic cesspit Follow Follow, they have a thread started on Sunday night about the Celtic manager that is already seven pages deep.

They are trying to claim that Big Ange is “feeling the pressure” from Mick Beale and can’t handle his comments about finances and him being a “lucky” manager.

They are totally convinced that Beale’s daft comments have shaken our manager to his core and that this is the beginning of the end for him and our team will crumble.

They claim Beale is living rent free in Ange’s head, yet, it is their fans that are dedicating their time to spewing hatred and bile about our manager on there. There are so many comments on the thread saying how much they despise him and how much he irritates them.

Which is funny, because that sounds awfully like it is Big Ange that is actually living rent free in their minds!

A single tongue in cheek comment with a grin after bagging yet another comfortable three points to remain nine points clear in the league is enough to send those goons apoplectic.

Our manager has them on strings and the beauty is they don’t even realise is.

Ange isn’t under pressure, he is loving this. He’s literally mocking Beale’s embarrassing comments because they are utterly laughable.

They are convinced that he has only had success at Celtic because he has been able to spend more money than the rest of the league, including them.

Well, if that is the only thing guaranteeing our success, then they better get used to a hell of a lot more of it, because they aren’t about to overspend us anytime soon!

You actually need money to be able to do that!

And hilariously, they keep pointing out our European results and performances as if they prove beyond any other metric that Ange is clueless and a bad manager and that we have been embarrassing in Europe under him.

They really do not have any self awareness or feel any shame, do they?

Let’s not forget that they are literally the worst team in Champions League history. If I was them I wouldn’t dare comment on any other club’s European performances with that embarrassing record!

They forget that Celtic were lauded for our performances in the Champions League last season and the main thing that cost us was not taking our chances.

Even in Ange’s first season, they can laugh all they want but we still finished on more points in our Europa League group than they did, so how the hell can that be classed as embarrassing for Celtic when they scraped through a worse group on less points?

And now today they are convinced that Martindale has got under Ange’s skin with his comments and he is on the verge of losing it, when again all Ange is doing is having a bit of fun in the media, he’s is laughing at the pathetic attempt at mind games from the goons Martindale and Beale.

Big Ange is simply showing those two eejits the contempt they deserve, and our rivals can’t handle it.

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  1. Hail hail

    I posted an opinion on Beale on another site with regards to living rent free, but it was the opposite way around as i feel big Ange is living rent free in Beales head aswell as every single sevco fans, every time the Mooch has anything to say it’s usually something about the mighty Celtic FC i think Beale has underestimated big Ange along with their deluded fans, whatever is said is purely out of fear and with 99% hope that big Ange and the Bhoys crumble on and off the park. We won’t crumble as we have a solid business plan on how the club is run and whilst Beale moans about Celtics spending power he needs to have a look at our players sales, how much we got for them etc and compare them to the outlay for new players i think he will find out net spend to be about £3 million it may be more but it’s nowhere near what he thinks it is, maybe is sevco offloaded players when they still had some sort of value they may have been in a better position to get deals done and spend a bit of money, not hope for bargain basement deals that may work out.

  2. Geoff Rieley

    Lmao, brilliant piece 👌

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