You are currently viewing Video: Watch As Serial Cheat Ryan Kent Gets Booked For Diving

Video: Watch As Serial Cheat Ryan Kent Gets Booked For Diving

Celtic fans have known for a long time now that ‘Rangers’ player Ryan Kent, is a serial diver and probably the biggest cheat in Scottish football.

And perhaps tonight is the night that Scottish referees finally understand that too!

Disgracefully, John Beaton, (surprise, surprise) actually awarded Kent the penalty to begin with, before Kevin Clancy on VAR looked back at the replays and saw that it was a complete dive.

It was so blatant that not even Beaton was able to refuse to overturn the decision and book Kent for diving.

I’ve wrote about what this guy does several times now, and I’ve had to write about his cheating so often because Scottish referees are either too stupid or too complicit, to book him for simulation.

We all know what he does to win penalties, he runs past the defender and sticks his leg out in order to hit off the defender’s leg and falls to the ground claiming to be fouled, and he gets a penalty every single time for it.

And as I said, he got one originally yet again tonight, but thanks to VAR (for once) it was correctly overturned.

It’s about time the referees in this country start waking up to this con-artist.

Hopefully tonight is the start of that.

Check out the incident below.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    They’re being taught this at Ipox how to cheat and get the incompetent referees to award a penalty. Kent and el donkey are the worst at it and finally Kent has been caught and hopefully these 🤡🤡 start to book these serial cheats.

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