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Even The Ibrox Fans Are Admitting They Have A Cheat In Their Team

Celtic fans have known for a very long time exactly what Ryan Kent is. Apart from being a very overrated player, he is along with Alfredo Morelos, the biggest cheat in Scottish football.

You can see his latest dive last night here: Video: Watch As Serial Cheat Ryan Kent Gets Booked For Diving – Champions 67

It’s very clear what he does, sticking his leg into opposition players and falling over, and the referees in this country, including last night by the way as Beaton originally awarded the penalty, fall for it every single time.

Our pundits never point it out either, they are either too scared to say he’s cheat or are quite happy he does it and wins their favourite team penalties time and time again.

Up until now, which will hopefully change after last night and make the media in this country start telling the truth after he has finally been punished for his diving by getting booked for it, it has been left to Celtic fans and site’s like this one to point out what’s going here.

You know it’s bad when even your own supporters are admitting they have a cheat in the side.

Check out some of the posts during their match thread below.

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