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FF Meltdown As Former RTV Commentator Admits Celtic Park Has Best Atmosphere!

Oh dear!

It seems that the poor bears over on the sewer that is Follow Follow are not too happy about the honest comments from former Rangers TV commentator Clive Tyldesley!

Tyldesley, speaking in a recent interview, was asked on the best atmospheres he has experienced in his commentary career, he replied:

“Well you can’t beat a football match under lights, so, night matches you almost tend to think automatically about, European games, Champions League games.”

“I think Anfield and Celtic Park are both very very special on a major European night. Somehow the connection between the football club and the fans transcends that virtually anywhere else I’ve known.”

“I mean I’ve seen wild atmospheres in Turkey and Greece but, in terms of the actual engagement with the football club, I think that Liverpool and Celtic have a history of getting that right.”

“And that creates an atmosphere which gives a genuine home advantage, home advantage isn’t what it is cranked up to be sometimes, particularly if you are not playing very well, you are under pressure from the first mistake but the positivity you get and that element of intimidation for the opponent walking out into that atmosphere, seeing You’ll Never Walk Alone, sang at both grounds, beforehand.”

“Yeah, I mean, Champions League night at Anfield or Celtic Park.”

Despite formerly being employed by the Ibrox club and being paid by the club to come up for a Q&A session lined up for the opening of Edmiston House, Clive simply has too much integrity to lie and either say Ibrox has the best atmosphere, or not to admit that Celtic Park has.

And his honest comments have certainly not gone down well with many of the posters over on FF.

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  1. Anthony Mcquade

    May as well ban him from Ibrox .Anyone else with half a brain is already banned

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