You are currently viewing Latest News On Leeds Managerial Search Will Delight Celtic Fans

Latest News On Leeds Managerial Search Will Delight Celtic Fans

Celtic fans are rightly sick and tired of our manager Ange Postecoglou being linked with a move to the English Premier League every time a manager gets sacked down there.

Yes, we understand we have a great manager and if teams do want him, it’s in huge part down to the incredible job he has done since taking charge of Celtic in the summer of 2021.

The turnaround he has managed to achieve in such a short space of time, considering the shambles we were in at the time and how far we finished behind ‘Rangers’ the previous season, has been extraordinary.

The problem is, it appears that the vast majority of these rumours seem to come from the Scottish mainstream media, who are desperate for Ange to leave and to at least unsettle him and the Celtic supporters.

Clyde host Gordon Duncan played the game during the week after making almost two whole shows about Ange leaving.

Celtic fans rightly called him out on Twitter over the nonsense, with Duncan quick to defend himself, claiming that the stories hadn’t come from up here, that had come from England and himself and the rest of the SMSM were simply reporting on those stories.

Duncan was being clever here, there wasn’t any stories in England saying that Ange was being considered for the job. Former Leeds keeper Paul Robinson said on Sky that he is a fan on Postecoglou and he would like to see him at Leeds, which Gordon then twisted into a big story as if there were multiple reports in England linking Big Ange with the job.

Even when Ange’s odds on Skybet shortened from 18/1 to 8/1, I assume because a lot of Rangers fans were betting on it, as I read about them doing so on their forum, (how sad), there were still no serious journalist down South or media outlets saying he was in contention.

I must admit, I did start to worry after hearing that three managers had already turned the job down, that they may eventually ask for permission to speak with Ange, so I am definitely relieved tonight after reading about the latest news on their search.

Former Ajax manager, Alfred Schreuder, as reported by a Daily Telegraph football journalist, was at Elland Road today for the game against Man Utd, and was spotted with their chief executive as he has flown in for talks to take on the managers job.

They haven’t yet confirmed him as the only candidate, but have confirmed he is definitely a “serious option” for them, and this is the furthest down the line they have gotten with any manager so far.

Skybet have also made him 1/6 on favourite for the job, and will likely stop taking bets very soon as they usually do when the odds fall drastically low like that.

Postecoglou has also fallen from 8/1 to 25/1, now seventh favourite for the job, even behind third favourite Steven Gerrard, who is 10/1.

It appears Celtic fans can now relax for a while, that is until the SMSM find out another EPL manager has been sacked so they can make up stories again.

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