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Toxic Ibrox Fans Turn On Beale Over Thistle Decision

Celtic fans knew that ‘Rangers’ fans would eventually turn on Michael Beale, but none of us expected it to be this soon, and certainly not over a decision like this!

The fans who scream about sporting integrity went into uproar after Beale actually, and credit to him, put it into practice on the pitch,

The game was stopped for a VAR check with Rangers putting the ball out of play to as Malik Tillman went down injured, claiming that he was stamped on by a Thistle player.

It appeared to be a nothing incident and VAR agreed, so when play was resumed, Thistle took the throw in to their defender so he could kick it back up the park to give possession back to Rangers, as is the done thing on football.

But shamefully and disgracefully, Tillman took the ball off the Thistle player as he was about to kick it back to his side and went through on goal to score.

As you can imagine, the Thistle players erupted with rage, while the Ibrox fans revelled in taking the lead in the most dishonest of ways, singing Tillman’s name as loud as they could.

And as I said earlier, credit to Beale, as he instructed his players to let Thistle run up the park and score, although it is clear most of their players were not happy about the decision, appearing to argue with Beale on the side line and scumbag goalie Alan McGregor seemed to attempt a couple of times to stop the Thistle player scoring by getting in the way of his run through on goal.

Of course, it didn’t matter in the end as the Ibrox side ran out 3-2 winners, but it is clear from their Twitter reaction that they would rather win by cheating and being dishonest rather than winning fair and square.

But they have always been that way, which makes their “sporting integrity” nonsense they come out with all the more hypocritical.

Check out the angry comments below.

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