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Beale Has Shockingly Lost It Over The Slightest Bit Of Scrutiny.

I genuinely can’t believe what I’ve read this morning.

Ibrox manager Michael Beale has totally lost the plot and lashed out at ex Celtic striker Chris Sutton over what appeared to be a genuine question from his fellow Englishman.

Talking about letting Partick Thistle score last weekend, Sutton asked the question in the media whether Beale would have been equally as charitable had it been Celtic he was playing against.

It’s a genuine question and is a totally different scenario to doing the same for Partick Thistle compare to your most bitter rivals.

We saw how angry their fans got at them gifting a goal to Partick, if Beale had done that against Celtic and they they either dropped points or lost the game, I think there would be genuine fears for his safety.

However, instead of Beale just ignoring Sutton’s question or playing it down, he totally lost the ragged and attacked Sutton.

“Listen, there are pundits that are comedy acts. There are ex-players who are comedy acts.” said Beale.

“I don’t even want to answer that question because they are comedy acts and they are there to create intrigue. They don’t speak about the betterment of the game, they don’t help our game at all.”

“All they do is bring it back down to the gutter. There are a lot of good things we can speak about in our game at the moment, at other clubs as much as in my club.”

“I don’t know why people… Why is that where they go? At the end of the day, we don’t know, do we? If I had allowed that goal to stand and we had gone through in the cup like that, what would that have done for Malik? What would that have said about me and our club?”

“And also, it seems like because Partick Thistle said it, that Ian McCall was getting the sack anyway. Then you guys would be questioning me that I took a goal from someone that lost his job.”

“I think that day worked out about as well as it could have done when that situation happened. You see when people do that (question if same decision would have been reached against Celtic), I think we need to wise up in this country. There are people out there creating intrigue for intrigue reasons and those people, in my opinion, we need to mute them and quickly.”

“Growing up, I was a fan of Chelsea. So there is one pundit around here who is the worst ever player to play for Chelsea. That is why I won’t mention his name because I try to forget him.”

And Rangers fans have the cheek to say Ange is riled by what Beale said about money when Ange laughed it off and made a joke about it and their own manger has gone into meltdown over an honest question?

What is this guy going to be liked when Sutton really turn up the heat on him? And believe me, he will do that because he has seen the reaction this has gotten and he wasn’t even trying!

What happens if and when this guy losses the League Cup final or and the Scottish Cup? When he will genuinely be under REAL scrutiny, because their whole support truly believe they are going to do the cup double this season.

If that happens, we may not even see this guy next season. We saw what happened with QPR, he has no fear of leaving a club not long after arriving.

If Celtic end up doing the treble on Beale’s watch, which is a real possibility, with the scrutiny that will come with that, it might simply be too much for him to handle.

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