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Hilarious Celtic Fan Reaction As Sutton Has Beale On Strings

Celtic fans have reacted on Twitter to the meltdown from Ibrox manager Michael Beale after he completely lost his rag over a simple question from Chris Sutton.

Beale flew into a temper and launched a person attack on Sutton, his punditry and his playing career, because he couldn’t answer a simple question on whether his team would let Celtic score in the same way they let Partick Thistle score last weekend.

You can read the full attack on Sutton here: Beale Has Shockingly Lost It Over The Slightest Bit Of Scrutiny. – Champions 67

As I talked about in that article, it really does make you wonder how this guy is going to react under REAL PRESSURE.

He hasn’t even had a glimpse of it yet and he is already unravelling.

What was the point of going on about the “standards and integrity of Rangers” as a football club when explaining his decision to allow Thistle to score a goal back after essentially cheating to take the lead in the first place?

What kind of standard is it for a professional football manager to personally a pundit like this?

And to also attack him for his playing ability? When Beale had zero playing career of any note and Sutton has won the English Premiership and also many Scottish leagues and cups with Celtic?

Beale couldn’t lace Sutton’s boots!

Check out the comments below as Celtic fans mock cry-baby Beale.

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