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Sutton Nominated For “Pundit Of The Year” Award – Beale Will Be Fuming!

Oh dear!

Michael Beale will certainly not be happy with this news after his recent outburst against Celtic hero Chris Sutton.

In an unbelievable rant, which you can read here: Beale Has Shockingly Lost It Over The Slightest Bit Of Scrutiny. – Champions 67, Beale erupted at Sutton over a simple question, clearly showing he is mentally incapable of handling the slightest bit of scrutiny whatsoever.

Celtic fans mocked Beale’s tantrum which played right into Sutton’s hands, you can check out the brilliant Twitter comments from hoops fans here: Hilarious Celtic Fan Reaction As Sutton Has Beale On Strings – Champions 67

One of Beale’s attacks on Sutton was about his punditry, with the Ibrox manager stating:

“Listen, there are pundits that are comedy acts. There are ex-players who are comedy acts.”

“I don’t even want to answer that question because they are comedy acts and they are there to create intrigue. They don’t speak about the betterment of the game, they don’t help our game at all.”

“All they do is bring it back down to the gutter. There are a lot of good things we can speak about in our game at the moment, at other clubs as much as in my club.”

And in a brilliant twist to the row, the very next day, Sutton has actually been nominated for “Pundit of the year” for his brilliant work in the game!

The award nomination comes from The Sports Journalists’ Association, which is the largest national organisation of its kind in the world.

I think it’s fair to say Beale and the raging zombies will not be too happy about this!

Check out Sutton’s tweet below.

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