You are currently viewing Video: Watch As Celtic Hero Chris Sutton Destroys Mick Beale

Video: Watch As Celtic Hero Chris Sutton Destroys Mick Beale

Big mouthed Michael Beale is going to wish he kept his trap shut for once in his life.

Beale will need to learn very fast that you pick your fights in this game, and picking a fight with someone with the platform that Sutton has, on BT Sport, BBC Radio and his own Daily Record column, not to mention 303k followers on Twitter, is not a wise move!

But then again, Beale doesn’t come across as a wise man.

He comes across as a naive buffoon who doesn’t think before he speaks the vast majority of the time, because he is so in love with the sound of his own voice.

Beale has already shown that Sutton is getting to him from his ridiculous outburst and person attack on Sutton last night, where he slammed him as a pundit AND as a player.

Which is rich coming from Beale, who virtually had no playing career to speak of, because he was mince!

And as a pundit? Well, Sutton has just been nominated for football pundit of the year! Sutton Nominated For “Pundit Of The Year” Award – Beale Will Be Fuming! – Champions 67

“He’s so thin-skinned, isn’t he? What have I said which was wrong?” commented Sutton on BT Sport’s Scottish Football Extra show tonight.

“All I did was, on BBC radio, I asked Mark Chapman if he’d have done the same against Celtic. Mick got personal. He started talking about my playing career.”

“I can’t possibly comment on his playing career for obvious reasons! He started talking about comedy acts… the way he left QPR under a cloud was a comedy act. I’d go as far as to say that I’m more popular in West London than Mick Beale is!”

Sutton reminding Beale of the way he betrayed QPR and his non existent playing career will no doubt have Mick absolutely beeling!

We’ve already seen that he has flown off the handle at an honest question from Sutton, but now Sutton is fighting back and giving the mouthy cockney a taste of his own medicine!

Check out the video below.

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