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Listen As Rangers Fan Ripped Apart On SSB Over Celtic Conspiracy Theory

Any Celtic fan who likes to have an occasional browse on our rivals cesspit fans forum, Follow Follow, will know that there has been a conspiracy theory building on there for a number of weeks now.

They believe that there is a conspiracy regarding yellow cards for Celtic in comparison to ‘Rangers’, in that in their minds, the stats prove that we get away with far more yellow card offences that they do.

Now, there is one huge problem in this theory, and that is the majority of the ones that are saying this, if not all of them, don’t even watch our games, and simply go off the stats alone, looking at the fouls to bookings ration and comparing it to their own side.

So they have no idea whether any of our fouls should have actually been bookings or not, therefore, it’s a total non-starter as a valid argument, because they literally have no idea what they are talking about.

For example, the stats on livescore say that Celtic made 13 fouls today against Aberdeen’s 6, and no player from either side received a booking.

I watched the full game today, and I genuinely cannot remember a single foul that we committed today, never mind at the time thinking “this could/should be a booking”.

Yet, there were several fouls from Aberdeen that could definitely have been yellow cards, and probably should have been, for example, Shinnie’s foul on McGregor I believe it was where he was studs up and nowhere near the ball.

I was actually shocked to see we had apparently committed so many more fouls than Aberdeen today, which tells me that most of our fouls were totally innocuous.

Now, I’ve watched a lot of our rivals games this season, and they are a dirty team, which means that their individual fouls are often much more dangerous and worthy of bookings than Celtic for example, who are not a dirty team at all.

These mental conspiracy theories are best left to their warped fans forums, but occasionally, they like to do like this supporter did tonight and phone up Clyde SSB and put their conspiracy out to the rest of the sane world, and as any semi-intelligent person would do, Keevins destroyed his nonsense with ease and treated him with the contempt his lot deserve.

Have a listen below.

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