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“Watched Celtic Dominate His Whole Life” – Rival Fan Dig Backfires Spectacularly!

I always find it strange when ‘Rangers’ fans try to make fun of our European record and laughing that we haven’t won a knockout game in so many years.

That is because, I’ve never spoken to any fellow Celtic supporter or read anything online from any of us, that gives a flying f*** about this apparent stat.

The only people that have any interest in it are obsessed Rangers fans.

Surely they should be more concerned with being the laughing stock of Europe at the end of last year after being officially crowned the worst side in Champions League history?

Because as a Celtic supporter, if we had that horrific status, I’d be mortified. I’d be extremely embarrassed and I’d be praying every single season that there is a team that ends up coming up worse off than we did.

Hey, maybe if Celtic weren’t in the Champions League most years and instead were in the Europa League more regularly like that lot are, we’d have won a lot more knockout games, but who even really cares?

Can you look in a trophy cabinet and see how many European knockout ties your club has won?

No. But what you can see is actual trophies. You know, the things that actually matter.

It must be absolutely unbearable to be a Rangers fans and seeing Celtic completely dominate Scottish football for so many years.

And this is what has been pointed out to an idiotic Rangers fan on Twitter today, who thought he was being clever, that is until it spectacularly backfired after Celtic fans provided them with the thing that lot hate the most – the truth.

Check out the class replies below.

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