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Sutton Teases Explosive Showdown With Beale Ahead Of Cup Final

Celtic take on ‘Rangers’ at Hampden Park in Sunday’s Viaplay Cup Final is what will no doubt be an explosive showdown between both sides as it always is in these fixtures.

Away from the football though, there is the ongoing war of words between former Celtic hero Chris Sutton and current Ibrox manager Michael Beale.

Beale flew off the handle at Sutton asking in the media if Beale would have let Celtic score, just like the way he let Partick Thistle score in the Scottish Cup after Malik Tillman’s despicable actions.

Beale went on a verbal tirade against Sutton, dismissing his career as a very successful pundit, in which he has just been nominated for the prestigious “pundit of the year award” from The Sports Journalists Association, saying that he is a “comedy act” and brings Scottish football “down to the gutter”.

Beale also criticised Sutton’s playing career, labelling the Scottish and English Premier League winner “Chelsea’s worst ever player”.

Sutton hit back on BT Sport and in his Record column the next day, labelling Beale as “thin skinned”, while Beale then commented after the game at the weekend that “I love his as much as he loves me” when asked about Sutton, before getting up out of his seat and storming off.

And now, things may just be about to heat up even more, if Sutton’s latest tweet is indeed true.

He claims that he will be working in a “reporting role” for Viaplay at the final, and will have pre and post match interviews with BOTH managers on the day.

I really hope this is true and Sutton isn’t just pulling our leg here, because Sutton interviewing Beale, especially if he’s on the losing side, could be brilliant viewing!

Check out Sutton’s tweet below.

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