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Celtic Manager Hits Back At Disrespectful Reporter With Classic Comeback

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou was speaking today at his press conference for Sunday’s Viaplay League Cup Final against bitter rivals Rangers.

The Celtic manager was relaxed and composed as usual, but as always, when a reporter needs a reality check, he certainly isn’t afraid to give them one.

And this was the case this afternoon towards the end of his press conference.

I don’t know who the reporter was, he’s not one from the usual crowd, but he seemed intent on goading Ange into getting him a controversial headline regarding his mentality when it comes to derby games.

“You say about being under control and that’s what Celtic fans would expect from you, have there been any moments in these games with Rangers where it’s got to you, where you’ve felt that kind of reaction to anything?” Was the first question he asked.

“No not really, I’m still a human being” replied Ange.

“I’m not happy when we don’t win and I’m delighted when we do.”

“I guess what I’m talking about is, part of being a fan is allowing yourself to lose yourself in moments, you know, good or bad.”

“If you want to shout abuse, you have to do that, if you want to be in delirium because you’ve won something, you’re allowed to be that, but I don’t think that’s what they (Celtic fans) expect from their manager. They want me to be clear headed out there and make the right decisions and try to prepare the team in the best possible way.”

“But, I’m very, very passionate. I don’t take defeat well and I do love winning.”

Despite that fantastic, well thought out answer, the reporter clearly wasn’t happy, and interrupted Ange to ask again to continue to push his narrative that Ange will somehow crack under the pressure:

“But it’s not easy to be clear headed in an environment like the Old F*rm, is it?”

Cleary unimpressed with the reporter’s line of questioning, Ange hit back in classic fashion:

“It depends how you look at it. For me it is, because, it’s been my job for 26 years.”

“When a pilot lands a plane, he knows what he’s doing” Ange said giving the reporter a look of contempt.

“You’re not making it up as you go along.”

“I’d like to think that after 26 years I know what I’m doing.”

Oh dear, these journos never learn, do they?

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    Ange should have responded by telling the clown journo that there’s no old firm and to stop living in the past.

  2. Thomas Daly

    They always live In the past.

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