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Ibrox Fans Believe They Beat Celtic If They Match Tynecastle Performance, But There Is One Major Problem…

Celtic take on ‘Rangers’ in the Viaplay League Cup Final on Sunday afternoon, and our rival fans are very confident in one certain scenario.

They believe if they play the way they did against Hearts at Tynecastle in their 3-0 win from the start of this month, then they will have no problem coming out on top.

There is just one problem with that – Celtic aren’t Hearts!

Playing against Hearts is one of the Ibrox club’s easiest fixtures and has been for the last few years. The last time they visited Tynecastle it was 4-0 they won and Hearts haven’t got a win against them since 2020.

For their theory to be true, Celtic would have to sink down an incredible amount of levels, to the point where we would basically lie down to Rangers, in order for them to be able to perform the way they did against Hearts.

That just isn’t going to happen!

There are two other very strange observations they are making over on the dark side.

The first one is they are totally convinced that under Beale that they are now better than us. They believe with the signings of Raskin and Cantwell that they have a better midfield and overall a better team man for man.

Yet, this is despite their own observations that pretty much every single performance under Beale, apart from the game at Tynecastle, hasn’t been good enough.

“Yeah, we aren’t playing well but we are now better than Celtic who are smashing it in every game” seems to be their line of thinking, which for obvious reasons, makes no sense at all.

Their second line of thinking, where they are also taking confidence for the Cup Final, is they feel that they were the better team against us in the 2-2 game at Ibrox and that we were poor, and that they should have beaten us.

So let me get this right. They are taking confidence from their opinion that they were the better team against us for the majority of the game, we were very poor, and yet they still couldn’t beat us?

Again, another theory that just makes no sense.

Celtic are the better team. We play the best football, we have the best players and the best manager in the country. The fact that we were champions last season and are well on the road to being Champions again this year, being nine points clear at the top of the league, proves that.

They need to remember this isn’t Hearts they are turning up against, it is Celtic, the best team in Scotland, the current Champions and the current holders of this trophy.

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