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Celtic Fans Rip Into Sakala Over Pathetic Comment

It seems Ibrox player Fashion Sakala is trying his best to earn a starting XI spot against Celtic in the Viaplay Cup Final on Sunday judging by his latest quip which sounds an awful like something his manager Michael Beale would say.

Looking forward to the game at the weekend, according to Football Scotland, Sakala said:

 “Obviously I know how important the game is when you play against the other mob.”

“It’s all about the badge and I don’t even think about my performance, the most important thing is getting the win for the fans and the club and the good performance from the players.”

“The impact I brought in from the last game was good for the squad but I’m looking for more great performances.”

Extra staunch points for Mr Sakala with his “other mob” comment there. Beale will be very proud of him I’m sure, holding up those famous “club standards”.

Celtic fans have heard this pre-match nonsense from them before, and many supporters were keen to leave a few home truths in the comments of the Twitter post of the article.

Check out some of the best replies below.

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