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Clyde SSB Pundits Terrible Take On Sakala’s Celtic Dig

Clyde Superscoreboard pundits Gordon Dalziel and former Celtic player Mark Wilson were on air tonight and had their say on ‘Rangers’ player Fashion Sakala’s comments on Celtic.

The player caused controversy yesterday at his press conference where he refused to sat Celtic’s name, and instead referring to the current holders and champions of Scotland as “the other mob”.

“I’ve gotta be totally honest here” said Wilson.

“I laughed at that, because I think, Sakala is a 25 year old from Zambia, somebody has obviously told him to say that. It might have been somebody in the dressing room for a laugh.”

“I think he’s saying it tongue in cheek.”

“Why would that be disrespectful in any way?” “It’s obviously a bit of light hearted humour.”

While Dalziel chimed in:

“I’m with Mark, he’s probably been stitched up to say that.” It’s a bit of humour, it’s a bit of fun. Don’t take that serious.”

“He probably didn’t even know what he meant to say there.”

“It’s not a case that he was being disrespectful. I don’t think that’s what it was meant to be.”

And these comments were added to by smug host Gordon Duncan going on all show about how he couldn’t believe this was a talking point.

I mean for God’s sakes, of course he was being disrespectful. That’s the whole point of him saying that and refusing to call us by our name.

If he wasn’t trying to be disrespectful, then what was he trying to be? Calling us “the other mob” certainly wasn’t him trying his best to be respectful, was it?

Of course, it’s most likely Beale that has got Sakala to say this, because he was accused of his own disrespect when he first came in by calling us “the other team”, so now that he’s been pulled up for it he’s asking his players to carry out his dirty work in the media for him.

Wilson laughed about it on the show about the Celtic players not caring, well, if everything goes well on Sunday and we win this cup, I’m almost certain you will hear a Celtic player or maybe even Ange himself refer back to that comment.

It’s comments like that which is just going to make victory all the more sweeter for Celtic.

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  1. Nickybhoy

    Sakala is from Zambia and plays for Zombia

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