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“As Useless As Gio!”, “A F***ing Fraud!” – FF Gun For Beale After Celtic Cup Defeat

One of the absolute best parts of being a Celtic fan and winning trophies is basking in the pain and misery of your rancid rivals ‘Rangers’.

And tonight we can do just that after putting in a dominant performance against them and winning the League Cup Final with a 2-1 victory at Hampden Park this evening.

Since taking over as manager at Ibrox, all Beale has done is run his big mouth and constantly talk about Celtic and say that ‘Rangers’ are the biggest club and better team etc.

Well, when you do that kind of talking in the media, you actually have to back it up on the football pitch.

Unfortunately for Beale, he came up against a far superior manager today in Ange Postecoglou and a far superior team in Celtic.

Despite all the talk in the last few weeks of Beale having Big Ange “rattled” and Beale having Ange’s number, today, the proof was in the pudding, and it proved to be that the Ibrox hordes were talking absolute drivel. As per usual!

And once Celtic went 2-0 up today, they knew the writing was on the wall from them and they were staring at yet more domestic failure and they then turned on their manager Michael Beale, just like they did with poor Gio.

Check out the raging comments below.

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  1. Michael

    I believe its the players who win or lose the game. Ranger’s players did not win today. However they had a golden wide open chance to tie it up right near the end. Beale did not screw that up, the two Ranger players did. Otherwise the game would have ended 2-2.

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