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Aussie Journo Sums Up Difference Between Big Ange And Beale

Celtic are celebrating tonight after retaining our Viaplay League Cup with a terrific 2-1 victory over bitter rivals ‘Rangers’ this evening at Hampden Park.

The victory and overall performance puts to bed the ridiculous notion coming from the Ibrox fans that Beale has Big Ange “sussed” and “rattled” as has been stated ever since the 2-2 draw at Ibrox back in January, a game that was a ‘must win’ for Rangers.

In fact, it just proved that Ange is the superior manager, as he got his starting eleven absolutely spot on this afternoon, and also made terrific substitutions in the second half to help us regain control of the game and come out on top.

While, on the other hand, Beale, according to the Ibrox fans, got his first choice selection horribly wrong and also made a huge mistake at not making any changes at half time.

You can see how the angry bears over on FF have been reacting to Beale’s managerial performance today right here: “As Useless As Gio!”, “A F***ing Fraud!” – FF Gun For Beale After Celtic Cup Defeat – Champions 67

Beale has been opening his big gob and mouthing off about Celtic and Big Ange ever since he got here, trying to take digs at us and Ange and trying to play mind games and failing miserably.

Aussie football journalist Sacha Pisani summed up the difference between both managers perfectly on Twitter tonight.

Check out his tweet below.

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