You are currently viewing Video: Raging Bear Burns Rangers Strip In Protest After Celtic Defeat

Video: Raging Bear Burns Rangers Strip In Protest After Celtic Defeat

Oh dear!

It looks like ‘the peepul’ really aren’t taking their League Cup Final defeat to bitter rivals Celtic too well!

And one raging bear in particular sums up the current meltdown after the hoops added the first available trophy of the season into our overflowing cabinet inside Celtic Park.

The angry fan decided to protest against the defeat and in particular against manager Michael Beale, slamming his tactics and team selection as the cheaply made Castore shirt went up in flames.

Like most fans, he was seething about Beale not starting the likes of Cantwell and Raskin, who their delusional fans have decided after only two games are two of the world’s best players.

Its funny though that they are going on about those two so much, considering they both did barely anything after coming on for the last half hour yesterday!

Let’s remember, they actually got their only goal of the game before both of those players even entered the field!

I wonder if they are regretting pushing the manager out the door that had just taken them to a Europa League final for a novice manager from QPR that seems to be better at talking than his actual job as a football manager!

Check out the video of the meltdown below.

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