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FF Compare Starting XI’s After Celtic Defeat And The Delusion Is Still Astonishing

There is a thread over on their cesspit of a fans forum, Follow Follow at the moment titled “Any players get in their team?” as in what players from the Rangers side that played against Celtic in their league cup final defeat at the weekend would dislodge our starters and make us a better side.

A very intriguing thread to me for two reasons: Firstly, I like to see them giving us credit, because you don’t see it often and I know it pains them to do it, but I just love that we are so good as a team, our individual players are so good and our manager is so good, that as much as it pains them to, they simply have to admit it. The more reasonable ones anyway, which isn’t many of them.

And secondly, a thread like that also allows me to see what delusion still remains on there after we humbled them on Sunday afternoon. And to be honest, I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I read. It has to be seen to be believed, especially after their performance on Sunday and they way they have attacked their players in the aftermath.

Here is the first example.

We start of with ‘peak FF’. Apparently, every single player that Rangers have are better than what Celtic have. Of course it was nothing at all to do with their players not being as good as ours, it was simply down to the manager not getting his tactics right.

And of course, the fact that we are nine points clear in the league as well, also won the league and cup double last season and have already thrashed them 4-0 at Celtic Park this season to add to the 3-0 thrashing last season, just proves that Rangers have the better players than Celtic.

I mean, at what point do the family start looking up straight jackets on amazon?

Tillman better than Hatate? Hatate, as in the best player in Scotland at this moment in time?

Sure, Tillman has good goal scoring stats this season in the league, only one goal more than Hatate does in all competitions having played more games but also has four less assists than Hatate.

But, isn’t this the same Tillman that went missing on Sunday and has went missing every time he plays against Celtic?

Hatate scored two goals against Rangers in his first ever game against them and set up our second at the weekend because that’s what players of REAL quality and character do. They do it in the big games when it matters, they don’t go hiding like Tillman does.

And anyone who is a regular reader of this site knows what I think about Ryan Kent. He only managed to escape out of Alistair Johnston’s back pocket twice on Sunday and both times he blazed the ball over the bar. His speciality. He wouldn’t get a look in a Celtic.

Did this guy even watch the cup final?

Maybe he should have a look on the first page on FF and check out the thread dedicated to Goldson for his shocking defending at Celtic’s two goals at Sunday.

Davies? As far as I know he’s still lying folded in half after Oh rammed his back into him when he came on.

He also must have missed the fact that Starfelt was an absolute wall at the back for us too.

And wanting Mooy out the team as well! The guy who dominated their whole midfield on Sunday in 2nd gear while playing a huge pat on both goals? Sure, take him out the team and play the benchwarmer Raskin or The invisible Man Malik Tillman in his place, I sure that would really improve us!!

There is a good few posts like these, just totally delusional but I think you get the hint.

It appears some of them are simply beyond help.

I will leave you with this one to have a giggle at. Lundstram and Kamara. The two players that every single Rangers fan has been crying about starting on Sunday because they are atrocious, would “easily fit in” to this Celtic side.


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  1. Pan

    Well, here is news for them.
    We have exceptionally gifted players at our club.
    We don’t need and don’t want any of their pathetic players.
    It would seem that no one else wants them either.
    The peepul are DELUSIONAL.

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