You are currently viewing “Loser Mentality”, “Imposter!” – FF Meltdown As Lundstram Makes Excuses For Celtic Defeat

“Loser Mentality”, “Imposter!” – FF Meltdown As Lundstram Makes Excuses For Celtic Defeat

Our rivals are now into Day 5 of their League Cup Final meltdown after suffering defeat at the hands of Celtic and Ange Postecoglou, and their anger does not look like subsiding any time soon!

Their fake hardman, John Lundstram, was one of the main players facing criticism for his performance on Sunday, alongside Glen Kamara, especially after the two of them were toyed with by Aaron Mooy and Reo Hatate when their fans were desperate to see new signings Raskin and Cantwell start instead of them.

So it seems strange that the Ibrox club would send Lundstram out into the firing line to take care of their pre-match press duties before the visit of Kilmarnock on Saturday, but they aren’t the brightest bunch over there so probably didn’t even think it through!

The angry bears were very upset with two main comments that Lundstram made:

The first one being that he does not believe there is much of a gap between the two sides, that it was simply a case of “Celtic turning when we didn’t.”

Even the delusional mob over on FF are starting to not believe this nonsense any more.

No John, that wasn’t Celtic at our best, you’ve seen what happens we we really do turn up, you get spanked 3 and 4-0 as has already happened inside the last 12 months. Saying there isn’t much of a gap is pure delusion.

And the second main takeaway from his presser today is that he said numerous times that simply getting to the Scottish Cup final would be a positive season for the club.

Of course, simply reaching a final should not be billed as success, especially if you end up losing that final to your bitter rivals and that cup win secures them a treble!

Check out the angry comments below.

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  1. chopsie1963

    Forget about Raskin and Cantwell not starting I was pleased to see TheScally getting picked before Jack. I fvcking hate Jack but I know he will burst a gut to fvck us so he gets a bit of respect from me for that even though he’s a grade A bellend.

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