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Charlie Nicholas For Once Hits Nail On The Head Over Celtic Attacks

Celtic fans for years have not liked Charlie Nicholas because he is seen as a ‘soup taker’ who talks utter dribble about our club every chance he gets.

But while he still does talk rubbish every now and then, he has been talking a lot more sense about the team and the club as a whole every since Ange Postecoglou came in the door, most likely because he is big admirer of Big Ange like the rest of us Celtic supporters are.

And he was spot on in his Express column this morning where he talked about the Celtic players being being “mentally superior” to their rivals and hit out at Hearts thug Andy Halliday in particular over his ridiculous challenges he put in against us at the weekend.

“It’s remarkable how tough Ange Postecoglou has made this team, both physically and mentally.”

“There’s no question they are up for a battle.”

“Take last weekend’s Scottish Cup quarter-final win at Hearts. Andy Halliday was going around trying to kick Celtic’s players and just looked second-rate – like he always did in Old Firm derbies when he played for a second-rate Rangers team.”

“The Hoops players were looking at Halliday as if to say, ‘is that your best shot?'”

“They are mentally superior. And even if opponents resort to kicking them, Postecoglou’s players will just keep playing their own game and strike when the time is right.”

I have to say Nicholas for once is spot on here. Trying to intimidate our players just isn’t going to work. They are just too tough and mentally strong to be thrown off their game by bully-boy antics like that.

And he is right to pick out the “second rate” Halliday. How the hell he never even got a booking on Saturday beggars belief. He did nothing all game but scythe down Celtic players.

And his team still got pumped 3-0, so maybe it’s best that Halliday and the rest of the Gorgie Goons concentrate on actually trying to be better footballers, rather than just try to injure Celtic players.

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