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Craig Levein’s “Straight Forward” Celtic/Rangers Proposal Is Sheer Stupidity

It always seem to be the case that when it is Celtic that are dominant in Scottish football and winning most things, that is when people start screaming for change and for the “Old F*rm” to head down South.

Today, Craig Levein, the former Hearts and Scotland manager has proposed just that, but in explaining his reasoning and outlining his demands, he has made himself look incredibly foolish.

His argument is that for the betterment of Scottish football he wants both ‘Rangers’ and Celtic to move down to England and enter the EPL.

He writes: “My views are very straight forward – when the next financial crisis happens in the Premier League in England and they are looking for something different then I would drive the Old F*rm down there myself.”

The next EPL financial crisis? When was the last one? That league is only getting stronger and richer year after year and more and more billionaire owners are coming in. There isn’t going to be a league wide “financial crisis” and even if there was, they certainly aren’t going to resolve it simply by bringing down Celtic and Rangers.

Why is he talking like a made up fantasy in his head is inevitably going to happen? Totally bonkers.

But his next statement is probably even more insane. He writes:

“I would love the two of them to play in England and represent Scotland, get the money that’s associated with that which would allow them to grow and be competitive in that league.”

“And at the same time if they both gave the teams in Scotland £50m a year, so a combined £100m, for allowing them to move down there then that would allow the Scottish game to grow immeasurably.”

“If the Old Firm were playing in England and paying for the privilege – and they wouldn’t miss £50m each – then all the other teams up here could raise their levels significantly.”

Okay, so Levein wants to force both clubs down to England for the benefit of the rest of Scottish football and then to pay £100m a year for the “privilege” of being forced out of our own league and down to England. What a statement that is. It is beyond laughable!

And he wants us to “represent Scotland” and “grow to be competitive in the EPL” and he thinks the best way for us to achieve this is give away £100m every single year? Have you every heard anything more deranged in your life!?

“They wouldn’t miss £50m each” – What the hell planet is this guy living on!? For as rich as some of the teams down South are, even the very richest clubs could not afford to just throw away £50m and definitely not “every year”.

If Celtic and Rangers both leaving is going to be so much better for Scottish football, then why the hell would we then need to give clubs £100m every year?

Levein’s whole idea is beyond stupid. It is incomprehensible how utterly dumb his “straight forward” proposal is.

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