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“Cheat!”, “Retrospective Ban?” – Celtic Fans React To Cantwell’s Disgraceful Antics

It wasn’t enough for the Ibrox side to cruise to a 4-2 victory with 15 minutes to go against Motherwell this afternoon.

No, in typical ‘Rangers’ fashion, they just had to cheat and get a Motherwell player sent off and banned for their next game he would be due to play.

That’s how low and disgusting this lot are. And we see it all the time from them. Normally every game to be quite honest.

The main culprit as we all know is serial diver Ryan Kent, who has mastered the art of sticking his leg into the opposition player and falling over to win free-kicks and penalties.

Slightly behind his is fellow cheater and thug Alfredo Morelos, with summer signing Antonio Colak hot on his heels for that second place spot in the diving rankings at Rangers.

But today it was January signing Todd Cantwell, the blonde haired fairy, that showed that he wants to get in on the act too.

The player went down clutching his face as if his nose has just been shattered from Mike Tyson after Motherwell player Callum Slattery’s arm flew back as he was running and caught Cantwell in the side of the neck.

The referee then gave Slattery a second yellow, reducing Motherwell to ten men, and of course referee’s cannot look at VAR for second yellow cards so the decision could unfortunately not be overturned.

Cantwell was then substituted two minutes later to a chorus of boos from the Motherwell fans as he walked off the pitch smirking.

I wonder if that former referee who’s been in the media recently, Steve Conroy, demanding 3 game bans for Hatate (even though he was clearly studded in the ankle) for ‘diving’ will be as vocal when it’s a player from his favourite team?

We’ll have to wait and see in the next couple of days I suppose, but this was extremely obvious simulation from Cantwell caught very clearly on video, so the SFA absolutely should be looking at this.

Check out what Celtic fans made of the incident below, as well as the video of Cantwell’s nose shattering…

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  1. UlyssesGunt

    Is that true what some twitter post said .., Walshs’ sending offs against therangers is into double figures ?

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