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“Corrupt!”, “VAR Line Is Squint!” – Bears Meltdown Over Onside Goal

It’s funny that they laugh at Celtic fans for complaining about VAR and the officiating in this country and yet today they are having their own meltdown over it!

The difference is, Celtic have clearly been wronged by VAR and referee decisions COUNTLESS TIMES this season, while the decision the Ibrox fans are complaining about today was CLEARLY CORRECT!

Multiple posters on their cesspit forum Follow Follow have even gone as far as to insist the lines used by VAR were “squint!”.

There has been problems with VAR such as the Hearts goal at Celtic Park recently when they drew the lines on the wrong way around which showed their goal to be onside when it was clearly off, but it’s literally impossible to them to “draw the lines on squint!”

They seem to be comparing it to the lines cut/rolled onto the pitch and making the assumption that the VAR lines have been drawn on squint, rather than the more realistic explanation that the lines on the pitch are not entirely straight.

Check out some of the replies to Motherwell’s first goal being awarded below.

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