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Braindead McInnes Picks Fight With Celtic Manger. What A Fool.

What is it with the rest of the mangers in the Scottish Premiership?

What is their problem with Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou?

Is it jealousy? Is it his personality? The way he looks? Where he comes from? His success?

What is it that these managers in this country all seem to have a problem with?

Beale, Martindale, McInnes and probably a few others that I’m either forgetting or haven’t come to light yet all seem to have a problem with our manager and feel the need to question him or have digs at him in the media in some way.

The Kilmarnock manager is the latest one in Scotland to have a pop at Ange and God knows why.

After going on a rant and complaining about multiple handball incidents in the game against St Johnstone on Saturday, McInnes went on to say:

“It’s frustrating. You hear Ange Postecoglou and whoever talking and almost scoffing at VAR as if they get nothing. While we, if you look at it, have had zilch. Honestly, it’s ridiculous. We don’t seem to get any breaks at all.”

How utterly stupid can you be?

Ange Postecoglou had complained about VAR and referees in terms of their consistency, because in several matches very close together, Celtic were getting handball decision given against us and similar incidents that should have gone in our favour were ignored, which is basically what McInnes is complaining about here.

But instead of publicly siding with Postecoglou and showing a united from with his fellow Premiership manager, to say that referees and VAR need to show a better consistency in these handball decisions, he has instead attacked our manager and tried to make it into some sort of competition about who gets more decisions.

Is it any wonder why he is failing so miserably with Kilmarnock this season?

Maybe McInnes should spend more time thinking through what he is saying and less time frying his skin under sunbeds on a daily basis, because I think he might be frying his brain cells too!

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