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Clyde SSB Pundit’s Pathetic Defence Of Ibrox Cheat Cantwell

As I wrote about on Saturday evening, Celtic fans were not shy on voicing their opinions of lightweight ‘Rangers’ player Todd Cantwell over his disgraceful antics at the weekend.

You can read comments from the Celtic fans on Twitter and a video of the incident here: “Cheat!”, “Retrospective Ban?” – Celtic Fans React To Cantwell’s Disgraceful Antics – Champions 67

Despite cruising to a 4-2 victory with only 15 minutes or so left of the game, Cantwell feigned injury to his face in order to get Motherwell player Callum Slattery sent off.

The player then smirked as he was substituted moments later to a chorus of boos from Motherwell supporters in the ground.

His antics have lead to calls from some Celtic fans for retrospective action to be taken, much like there have been calls for Celtic players to receive retrospective punishments for alleged dives, such as Reo Hatate against Hearts at Tynecastle, despite the Japanese player clearly being studded on the ankle when looked at on alternative camera angles.

The Cantwell incident was clear simulation however, as the video footage from various angle clearly shows Slattery catching Cantwell on the side of the neck with the side of his hand, which laughably made Cantwell fall to the ground holding his face like his nose had just been shattered.

Speaking tonight on Clyde Superscoreboard, Roger Hannah put up a pathetic defence for Cantwell’s play acting:

“Unless you get slapped in the face by Callum Slattery, and the way he’s going at the minute with 11 bookings this season, one of us might well get slapped in the face by Callum Slattery before the season’s out!”

“But, you don’t know how sore it is. You don’t know how different people react.”

“I think he’s got a bit of a bad rap Todd Cantwell”

This is just utterly ridiculous from Hannah. Does he think we haven’t all seen the video of him being caught in the side of the neck?

Why is he trying to insult the intelligence of every listener by trying to tell us he was “slapped in the face?”

“You don’t know how sore it is” I mean for God’s sakes! Is Hannah for real?

I’ll tell you something Rodger, being caught by a flailing hand on the side of the neck is definitely not sore enough to fall down clutching your face in agony! So stop talking utter sh*te!

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