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“Via A Ouija board?”, “They Never Learn!” – Celtic Fans Laugh At Tavernier’s Derby Threat

So according to Ibrox’s captain and penalty expert James Tavernier, Celtic should be worried about the Glasgow derby on the 8th April at Celtic Park because that is when we will see the “real Rangers”.

Of course, the real Rangers that were founded in 1872, died in shame and disgrace in 2012 owing millions of pounds to Her Majesty The Queen through unpaid taxes and disgustingly leaving hard working individuals out of pocket such as a local face painter.

So, unless they are being brought back from the dead, it will still be the current pretenders playing out of Ibrox that Celtic line up against on 8th of April to hopefully see us go 12 points clear at the top of the league table.

Of course, what Tavernier was meaning to say was that his side will play much better against us in the upcoming derby than they played against us in the League Cup Final, where Celtic bossed them and ran out comfortable 2-1 winners on the day.

That’s the problem with their players and their fans though. They simply cannot admit that Celtic are better.

We apparently only win against them if they “don’t turn up” or as their fans love to say “they were the better team but just made individual errors that cost them”.

After their meltdown and realising just how big the gap was between both side after that League Cup Final humbling, their fans were back at it a week later saying that they are “still the better team”, they have the better side “player for player” and they will apparently be miles ahead of us next season “once Beale gets his own players in during the summer window”.

It’s all a load of complete nonsense. They can should and rant as much as they like, it isn’t going to change the fact they are miles behind us in every department both on and off the field, and will be for a very long time to come because Celtic are only going to get stronger!

And Celtic on Twitter were quick to reminder Tavernier all about the “real Rangers”!

Check out the hilarious comments below.

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