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“He Looked As If He Could Play For Real Madrid/Barcelona” – Celtic Captain Lauded For Spain Display

There has been a bit of noise on social media regarding Celtic captain Callum McGregor’s performance against Spain last night in Scotland’s stunning 2-0 victory.

You can see what Celtic fans on Twitter made of it here: “Outstanding!”, “A Machine!” – Celtic Captain Praised As Scotland Beat Spain 2-0 In Historic Result – Champions 67

Having watched the game myself I agree 100% with the praise given to McGregor by Celtic fans last night, because he was tremendous and that heroic run at the end of the match summed up the effort he gave the team over the 90 minutes against some of the world’s best players.

‘Rangers’ fans on social media seemed to think otherwise though which got the back up of many Scotland supporters, not just Celtic ones.

I personally took no notice of those comments, because to me, half of them were just a straight up troll job, said simply because they wanted to wind up Celtic fans and get a reaction when they didn’t even believe it themselves.

And other half were simply comments reeked in bitterness and jealousy because a Celtic player was one of the best players on the park while their own player Ryan Jack was left on the bench where quite frankly he belongs, and is perhaps even fortunate to be sitting on it!

Another reason not to take any notice of those comments on social media was the fact that two different Rangers fans phoned up Clyde SSB tonight and singled out Callum McGregor for having an excellent performance!

And pundit Roger Hannah also agreed that the Celtic captain was s stand-out on the night:

“Callum McGregor in the middle of the park looked as if he could play for Real Madrid or Barcelona.”

“The run at the end up the right wing, was ridiculous! Every bit as good as Tierney’s run for the second goal.”

He later went on to add:

“You just wonder when the continent, you know, looks up and sees that Scotland have beaten Spain and they pay attention to the game, and they see a performance like that, you just wonder if someone would consider coming for Callum McGregor.”

“Because, for me, he could just about play at any level and not be out of his depth.”

“Callum McGregor has never hidden his desire to play for Celtic, forever! But that kind of thing wouldn’t prevent teams from coming in and trying to persuade him.”

Hannah is right, McGregor could comfortably slot into that current Barcelona midfield for example and not look out of place, especially when we saw him boss current Barca player Gavi.

I think Callum has made up his mind though, and we already know from what Ange has said that he has had big offers from the EPL and he’s chosen to stay at Celtic, and I am very confident that he will remain with us for the rest of his career and captain us to untold success.

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