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“Rangers Have A Serious Problem” Tweet Goes Viral After Latest Celtic Attack

‘Rangers’ Women’s coach Craig McPherson’s cowardly and disgusting attack on Celtic Women’s manager, Fran Alonso, on Sunday night was just the latest disgraceful incident coming from that club in recent times.

Scottish football account, Inside The SPFL on Twitter, put up a tweet 22 hours ago that has already had an incredible 332k views at the time of writing.

He documents a list of the incidents and attacks against Celtic from that club which have all happened only in the last year or so.

The anger, hatred and resentment towards everything Celtic coming out of Ibrox seems to have grown hugely, coinciding with the success of our football club under manager Ange Postecoglou.

Not even mentioned on the list was the fact former Celtic players and manager, Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon were banned from Ibrox because their safety could not be guaranteed.

And that came from the club itself!

The actions of Craig McPherson the other night just summed up that the Ibrox club are totally out of control.

Their fans, are out of control and their members of staff are out of control and absolutely nothing seems to be getting done about it.

And because of that, they will keep getting more and more aggressive and hostile towards Celtic fans and members of staff alike, especially if we continue on this current path of success both on and off the pitch.

What seems to be happening is that this club and the previous one that was liquidated in 2012, their fans, members of staff and everyone associated with them, have operated on a sense on entitlement that they are the biggest and best football club in the country, whether true or not, that has always been their belief.

And I believe in recent times it is finally sinking in for them that Celtic are bigger, better and more successful, both on and off the field, and they simply cannot handle that fact.

Check out the tweet below.

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  1. Brian

    So on this piece! When do you think our club will actually stand up for us, wether or not mr. Alonso wants to press charges, this is beyond ridiculous.

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