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“You Said ‘Dramatic’, It Was Appalling!” – Ex Celtic Man Sets SSB Host Straight

Former Celtic man Mark Wilson spoke alongside fellow pundit Gordon Dalziel on Tuesday night’s Clyde SSB show where both men gave their reaction to the cowardly attack from ‘Rangers’ assistant Craig McPherson as he headbutted Celtic Women’s manager Fran Alonso from behind.

Host Gordon Duncan described the despicable attack from McPherson as “dramatic” when asking the pundits for their opinion, and Wilson was quick to set Duncan straight on the matter.

“You said dramatic, it was appalling to see!”

“There really is no excuse.”

“It was so unbelievable to see. What could have sparked Craig McPherson to firstly think he could do that to another member of staff, and then get away with it? Or why? What prompted such stupidity from his part?”

“Sometimes you see instances like this take place on a football pitch where there is a coming together and there’s a disagreement and players will clash heads or touch heads and sometimes it can go a wee bit too far.”

“This seemed like a totally unprovoked incident where Fran Alonso’s walking away and Craig McPherson come from behind him and takes aim at him, which is obviously inexplicable.”

A caller then came on and hit out at McPherson, labelling him “a coward” and asking why Rangers had not even released a statement on the matter yet, with Duncan seemingly defending the Ibrox club claiming “it’s only been 22 hours.”

Fellow pundit Gordon Dalziel added:

“Everybody in the game who knows Craig, knows he’s a lovely guy, but it’s undefendable and I’ve got to say that.”

“It’s disgusting behaviour. It’s not behaviour we want in any game at all.”

At the time of writing, Rangers or McPherson have still not apologised over the attack.

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  1. John A

    Lovely guy ? My arsenal, a lovely guy would have apologised right away, no sorry a lovely guy wouldn’t have did that!

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