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“Celtic Are On The Edge Of A 3, 4-0 Hiding!” – Deludamol Strikes Again On SSB

It’s been a good while since we’ve had one of these absolute beauties!

This caller Mal from last night is what happens when you drag a caller from the darkened cesspool of their fans forum FollowFollow and shove him into the bright lights of live radio and ask him to talk about their favourite subject matter, Celtic.

You get a full stream of delusional, conspiracist nonsense. I was actually taken aback at how he was able to seamlessly jump from one subject of absolute nonsense to the other when met with statements of fact from host Gordon Duncan which would throw most off course, but when you are on that much deludamol, that seems to be one of it’s side effects!

According to Mal, “Celtic are on the edge of a 3,4-0 hiding and VAR are keeping their heads above water.”

Ah, so VAR are back to helping Celtic now are they? It was only a few days ago where David Tanner had showed us with his stats and figures that VAR is actually righteously working against Celtic, which is why we have so many VAR decisions go against us, and now apparently it is the other way around and they are helping us?

If Rangers fans are going to make up mad conspiracy stories about Celtic and VAR, it’s probably best they at least get their story straight!

And how the hell do you even come to the conclusion that we are on the verge of getting a 3,4-0 hiding? Oh, I know, you take extreme wishful thinking and turn it into reality in your confused mind and then go on live radio and tell everyone as if it were a matter of fact.

What an absolute embarrassment of a guy.

But poor, confused Mal wasn’t finished there!

No, he went on to talk about another obsession that every Rangers fan seems to have, Celtic’s form in Europe.

Mal went on to tell us that Rangers, officially the worst ever performing side in Champions League history this season, who were destroyed 7-0 in their own stadium by Liverpool this season, were “keeping Scottish football’s ‘head’s held high” by their European performances.

You couldn’t make it up!

Have a listen to Mal’s insane ranting below.

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