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Charlie Nicholas Clueless Attack On Celtic’s Right-Back Ahead Of Derby Game

This idiot just cannot help himself.

Just when he starts talking some sense one week, he then realises his mistake and comes out the following week spewing utter nonsense once more.

This “ex-Celtic hero” and “Celtic supporter” has decided to dedicate his latest newspaper column to giving tactical advice to ‘Rangers’ and their manger Michael Beale in order for them to beat Celtic, the club he played for and claims to love.

What a strange little man Nicholas is.

61 years of age and plastered in fake tan and wearing a shiny earring like a 21 year old lined up outside Karbon nightclub back in the day.

Not only has he used his column to try to help our most bitter rivals, he has also used it to attack several Celtic players.

I have seen various blogs write about his totally inaccurate assessment of Iwata against Ross County, saying that the Japanese ace “struggled” and I agree that he either did not even watch the game, or he simply does not have a clue what he is talking about.

But I did not realise he also attacked the defensive abilities of our full-backs Alexandro Bernabei and Alistair Johnston.

“If I were Beale, there are two areas that are vulnerable in this Celtic team just now. Greg Taylor looks like he took a sore one and the left-back is one that Rangers can maybe capitalise on, if he is out.”

“It is likely that Alexandro Bernabei would then start and I am not convinced he is as strong defensively as Taylor, who has been one of the top performers in Scotland this season. I also think Alastair Johnston, at right-back, can be attacked. He is very good going forward and on the ball, but you could have a go at him defensively.”

I am a fan of Bernabei but I admit that he is not as strong defensively as Taylor, but to make out that Johnston is not a good defender is just insane!

One of his main strengths is how good he is defensively and how strong he is in the tackle!

If you are so desperate to help Rangers and Michal Beale defeat the club you claim to love, then maybe you better get someone more capable to do your analysis for you Charlie, because it’s clear you are totally clueless when it comes to analysing our team and our players.

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