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The Only Thing Celtic’s Rivals Should Be Writing To The SFA About Is To Apologise For Their Post Match Lies

So it came out last night through Sky Sports News that ‘Rangers’ would be writing to the SFA asking why Morelos’s goal was chopped off yesterday.

A total waste of time because they know fine well what the reason was, it was for the push on Alistair Johnston by Alfredo Morelos, which both Clancy and VAR assistant Nick Walsh agreed was a foul.

Yes, you could argue it was soft, and if that was a Celtic goal chopped off for that foul then I’d be p*ssed off about it as well, but that was the referees decision and they are entitled to make it and all they will do is point to the hands of Morelos on Johnston’s back in the footage which shows their decision was justified.

The only reason they are writing to the SFA to is appease their fanbase and to also put pressure on Clancy and other referees when they officiate their games in the future.

The only thing that rancid club should be writing to the SFA about is to apologise for their post match LIES.

There’s is no other word for what Michael Beale and their captain James Tavernier did yesterday, they came out and made up a lie that Jota handballed in just before Kyogo scored his second of the game to put us 2-1 up.

This is what both of them said in their post match interviews with Sky Sports:

Beale: “I’ll have to look at it a bit closer, but after Ben’s mistake I’m certain it hit’s the boy’s arm (Jota’s). It might not be outside his body but it leads to the goal and it hits his arm.”

Tavernier: “I’ve just looked back and seen there second goal was a handball.”

As the picture above shoes, it certainly does not hit Jota’s hand!

How on earth are they allowed to get away with this? Blatantly making up lies to discredit the referee and VAR assistant after the match.

Beale tried to cover himself slightly by saying he’d “need to look at it a bit closer” but then totally undermined that statement by claiming he was “CERTAIN” it hit Jota’s arm.

And Tavernier actually said he watched it back and still claims it was a handball, even thought the video and still images clearly prove that it didn’t touch his hand or arm.

Even Kris Boyd in the Sky Sports studio was bemused that they were coming out with this.

Both Beale and Tavernier should be asked to explain themselves in front of the SFA and should be charged with brining the game into disrepute.

Check out the videos of all three below.

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