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Video: New Footage Emerges Of Morelos Foul On Johnston

New footage of the Morelos foul on Celtic full back Alistair Johnston that lead to his goal being disallowed has emerged on Twitter this evening.

Referee Kevin Clancy blew his whistle after the ball hit the net for the foul on Johnston, which from the original footage and replays on Sky Sports, looked to be a push from Morelos.

Although the contact did appear to be fairly light, It was still a push and Clancy was justified to give the foul and fellow referee Nick Walsh, who was the VAR official on the day, agreed that disallowing the goal to give the foul was the correct decision.

This has caused uproar at ‘Rangers’, leading them to write to the SFA to demand an explanation as to why the goal was disallowed, and also leaving their apoplectic, rabid supporters yelling conspiracy and corruption.

However, as I said at the top of the article, the new footage which has appeared this evening, gives a closer look at the foul leading up to the disallowed goal.

It shows Morelos actually grabs Johnston by the shirt, pulls the Canadian towards him and then pushes him away, cutting off just before Johnston goes to ground after the push.

The video proves that Clancy was totally justified in disallowing the goal as it was a clear foul by Morelos on Johnston.

It’s about time the Ibrox side accepted their defeats like men instead of crying that they have been cheated. What happened to their “dignity” that they used to always preach about?

Check out the footage below.

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