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Celtic Fans Blast Official ‘Rangers’ Media Partner As They Respond To Referee Threats And Abuse

Official ‘Rangers’ media partner Heart and Hand have come under fire on Twitter tonight from Celtic supporters who feel they have played a role in the vile threats and abuse that referee Kevin Clancy and his family have received after he had the bravery to correctly disallow a Rangers goal against Celtic.

The owner of the platform, David Edgar, made a Youtube video straight after the game where he immediately stated:

“Headline news, Kevin Clancy is a cheating bastard”.

And he is being accused online tonight of fanning the flames that have lead to these these threats and abuse sent to Clancy and his family that Police Scotland are said to be investigated.

And he has not helped matters tonight as he appeared to double down on the attack on Clancy, tweeting:

“Threatening people is unacceptable and if anyone is guilty of it they should be punished. But if the SFA think that means scrutiny of a pisspoor official who shouldn’t be allowed near the top league will cease, it won’t.”

It’s all very well saying things like calling a referee a “cheating bastard” or saying he’s corrupt, fans are going to say these things and fan media are at times in the heat of the moment also going to say it.

But when you carry the tag of being an “official media partner of Rangers” that carries an extra responsibility and an obligation to act more professionally and not come out with extremely volatile and hostile statements that are going to encourage further anger and hatred towards Kevin Clancy, whether that was his intention or not.

And Celtic supporters on Twitter tonight were keen to remind Edgar of the part he has played in this with his post match ratings as an official media partner of Rangers.

Check out some of the tweets below.

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