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Clyde SSB Caller Believes Celtic Fans Are “Fearful” Of Michael Beale’s Transfer Comments

One of the main talking points over the last couple of days in Scottish football has been the comments from Ibrox manager Michael Beale.

Speaking on Talksport during the week, Beale said he is aiming t sign “four or five players” in the summer window to close the gap on Celtic:

“I think right now, this group has probably given me what they can, and we’re probably four or five players away from being where I want us to be. That’s nothing against the players that are playing just now, it will just make us stronger.”

Celtic fans were quick to dismiss this notion, with one of the reasons being that the Ibrox club have so many players out of contract in the summer, four of five new signings are needed solely to replace those leaving, never mind adding to the current squad.

Also, who’s to say those players that he bring is are going to be good enough? Let’s remember, they don’t just need to be better than what ‘Rangers’ have at the moment, they need to be better players than what Celtic have, and to me, that is very unlikely to happen.

You have to also factor in that Ange Postecoglou will also strengthen his team in the summer window, especially gearing up for the Champions League again, the Celtic manager will be looking to add quality players that he feel can make an impact in that competition.

But Clyde SSB caller John, had another reason why Celtic fans are dismissing those comments from Beale, because deep down we are apparently fearful of them!

“I think it was a strong comment from Beale.”

“There’s maybe two spins I’ve got on it going on in my head.”

“The first one is that the fact is it’s rattled a few nerves from the East End, is that maybe, possibly, because some of these people from the East End are clearly a wee bit fearful that Beale’s comments might be correct?”

“Because as one of the Celtic fan callers said earlier, are Celtic going to be as strong next season? Are they if they lose a couple of players in there?”

“So if we add the four or five that Beale’s talking about, is that maybe where the fear factor’s coming from in the East End?”

“Because, it’s maybe hit a nail on the head and Beale’s comments are correct?”

Pundits Wilson and Dalziel laughed off the idea that Celtic fans are scared of Beale’s comments and Wilson said that while Rangers may well strengthen, Celtic will get even stronger.

John apparently then ended the call to then rush to his medicine cabinet to pop another Deludamol to keep up the fantasy in his head that Celtic fans are scared of Beale signing more fairies like Cantwell and Raskin.

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