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“He’s Beginning To Really P*ss Me Off!” Listen As Caller Slams ‘Amateur’ Beale

The meltdown after ‘Rangers’ fell 13 points behind league leaders Celtic yesterday was in full swing after the Ibrox side’s 2-0 defeat away to Aberdeen on Sunday afternoon.

An incredible 30-40 yard goal from on loan Celtic player Liam Scales and a header from striker Bojan Miovski sealed a much deserved victory for The Dons.

The underperforming serial losers in blue once again came under fire after the game, but it seems like fans are well and truly turning on manager Michael Beale now.

While he talks a great game in the media and tells us all how great a manager he is and outlines his big plans for the summer, he appears to have no plan of action on the pitch.

He can’t seem to motivate his players and his team selection and substitutions are highly questionable.

His side were 2-0 down inside 56 minutes yesterday and barely created any real clear chances of scoring bar Sakala and Raskin’s one on one chances that they messed up.

Yet, despite this, Beale only made two substitutions out of a possible five, and the final one being Scott Arfield, who he only brough on in the 89th minute of the match.

As some of us expected, it seems like we are seeing a repeat of his form in charge of QPR, where he came in and was winning games and had them top of the league, only to then go five games without a win and then fall down the table to 7th place before he ran back to Ibrox after breaking his promise to stay at the English club.

And judging by this call, it seems the Ibrox fans are beginning to see through all the talk,

Check out the clip below.

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  1. Magua

    The Huns are skint. Every penny is a prisoner. The more substitutes Beale uses, the more bonus money that crowd have to pay out.

    Hail Hail.

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