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Brown Is Right – The Serial Losers At Ibrox Can’t Handle The Pressure

Celtic Legend Scott Brown was speaking to Go Radio ahead of this weekend’s Scottish Cup semi-final clash at Hampden Park between Celtic and ‘Rangers’.

And it’s fair to say he has definitely put the cat amongst the pigeons with his comments, but they are totally correct.

As quoted in the Record, when asked about the standard of Scotland’s game, Brown was keen to take note, with Celtic course to win 11 of the last 12 titles:

“Scotland’s top flight is relentless and especially here in Glasgow, Rangers, Celtic, it’s that relentlessness.”

“You need to make sure you keep winning and there is a lot of players that can’t do that. They are fantastic footballers but don’t understand what it takes to be a Celtic player.”

“If you don’t win, there’s 60,000 on top of you and if you want 60,000 loving you, you have to thrive off that. A lot of players struggle with the pressure, and a lot of players, especially when Covid came, shall we say another team did really when there was no pressure. It’s a fantastic game up the road and a fantastic league.”

It’s a response that left pundits Andy Walker and Craig Moore in stitches, but when asked for his Sunday score prediction, Brown wasn’t done with his Rangers jibes.

When asked for how he thought things would play out, he told former Rangers man Moore:

“Craigy’s not going to be a happy man!”

The proof is in the pudding. The only league title ‘Rangers’ have won since they first entered the Scottish Premiership has been the only one where the season was played behind closed doors.

Add to that, Celtic were atrocious and they had no title challenge whatsoever.

Forget about stopping ten in a row, most of those players would not give two jots about that or feel any pressure from it, with most having just joined the club in the last year or two prior. They aren’t supporters.

It’s the same as when Celtic were going into that season and the likes of Fraser Forster or Jeremie Frimpong were not interested in staying to try and get the ten. Edouard, Ajer and Christie all wanted to leave the summer before, because they aren’t supporters, it simply doesn’t matter to them.

The only pressure players feel is when they are on the pitch in front of 50/60 thousand supporters demanding that they win. Week in and week out.

Because of this, Celtic will continue to dominate for years to come, while Rangers players and supporters continue to pray for another global pandemic in order to play behind closed doors, because that’s the only chance they have of taking the league title from this Celtic side.

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