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“Can We Count Wartime and Lower League Titles?” – Shameless Ibrox Fans Cling Desperately To Trophy Haul

As Celtic edge ever closer to overtaking the Ibrox trophy haul for major trophies won, ‘Rangers’ fans are starting to get anxious, depressed and very, very desperate.

Winning the league title this season will put Celtic on the same number of major trophies won as the old Rangers who were liquidated in 2012 having amassed 115 major honours.

The new club founded later in 2012 which started out in the third division of Scottish football, of course won minor league titles and trophies such as the Petrofac Cup, which for obvious reasons don’t count as major trophies due to the fact they are tinpot.

But they have of course won one single league title and one Scottish Cup so far in their existence, taking their major trophy haul to a total count of 2.

Although the Scottish media, like their fans, like to pretend that both clubs are the same and add their trophy counts together, and Celtic tend to play along with this, probably out of pity, so we allow them to claim 117 major trophies won.

Celtic are currently on 114 major trophies, with 115 pretty much guaranteed once we wrap this current league up officially, and if we beat them at the weekend, we’ll most likely be looking at 116, only one away from equalling the total trophy haul of clubs playing out of Ibrox.

This is causing severe worry among Rangers supporters, who have for so long gloated, about being the “most successful team in football” and they cannot bear to see Celtic overtaking their trophy count next season.

And looking at the comments below, the pathetic losers are willing to stoop shamelessly low in to prevent that happening.

From wanting to add lower league titles and a Petrofac cup as ‘major trophies’ as well as WW2 league titles that was played in an unofficial league, their pathetic desperation clearly knows no bounds.

Check out the embarrassing comments below.

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  1. Davie

    The Rangers have 1 top league title, where does the 55 come from, are they trying to claim the history of a team that preciously played at ibrox.
    Put it this way, Elvis died.
    I can call myself Elvis.
    I can buy Graceland.
    I can sing his songs.
    I can wear his old clothes.
    I can display his gold records.
    Does that make me Elvis.
    No it doesn’t and its the same with The Rangers, founded in 2012 by The Green and not to be confused with the original.
    RIP Rangers you were great but Murray destroyed you only to be put out of existence by White.

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