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Daily Record Delete Tweet Of Ibrox’s Cowardly Croat Threatening Celtic Fans

The Scottish Mainstream Media really are a total embarrassment.

How many times are The Daily Record going to put out ridiculous tweets from big mouthed Ibrox players and then delete them when they don’t get a positive reaction, or the Ibrox club phone them up to complain?

Imagine being so terrified of the goons in the Ibrox boardroom that you bury your own story just because they don’t like it?

How pathetic.

And talking of pathetic, that brings us to Ibrox’s cowardly Croat himself, Borna Barisic, or “Sh*tebag” as our captain Callum McGregor prefers to call him.

Barisic was caught on camera shouting at a Celtic fan to “f*ck off” as he and his teammates left to jeers and a few verbal’s as they left Celtic Park a few weeks back.

I don’t have a problem with players giving verbal’s back, But I found it quite amusing that Barisic was so rattled by it that he was the only one out of his fellow teammates and coaching staff to react to it.

What is a problem though is when you start issuing threats like saying that he would have “reacted more if it was on the streets”.

“Someone was saying bad things at me and I don’t like that.” Barisic explained.

“I reacted but on the streets I may have reacted even more. But we are not on the streets and I represent this club.”

We all know what he means here. In his mind he thinks if Celtic fans are giving him stick on the street he would give them a smack or beat them up.

Barisic is a 30 year old man. He isn’t some 14 year old that you’d expect to hear this kind of threatening bravado from.

Instead of making the Daily Record delete tweets, maybe the Ibrox club should focus more on telling their own players and coaching staff to keep their big mouths shut, because that’s where all the problems start for them.

From Beale, to their no-mark assistant manager, Raskin, Sakala and now Barisic, and there’s probably a few more that I can add, but these guys have all made comments before the recent derby matches and all it has done is give the Ibrox club negative headlines and added more pressure to them on the pitch.

Check out some of the reaction from Celtic fans below.

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