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“We Should Resign From The League Than Exist As Celtic’s Punching Bag”

The Peepul are in pain and misery today folks, and it is absolutely glorious.

Their team of serial losers simply cannot beat Celtic, no matter how close they claim the gap is or how much better they said they played yesterday than us.

If a team is so good you simply cannot beat them, then that tells you all you need to know about how big the gap is.

Are this Celtic side are only going to get stronger, and a lot of our rivals are starting to realise that.

It is sinking in for them that this pain and suffering they are currently enduring is going to last a very long time.

They are starting to realise that Beale isn’t the man to challenge us. Sure, they point to Gio’s games against us where they lost 3 and 4-0, but in fairness, they beat us in the cup semi final last season under his management, and that is far better than then have played at any point under Beale and they sacked Van Bronckhorst.

They sacked a manager that actually managed to beat us, got them to a Europa League Final and also won them the Scottish Cup, and replaced him with a manager that can’t beat us and got put out of both cups against us and has also fallen further behind us in the league.

Their best hope was that Big Ange got bored and headed down South, but they are now realising that he’s looking very much like he wants to stay here for the long haul, and that things are not going to improve for them anytime soon.

They need a complete squad overhaul and and don’t have the money to do it.

They want to build the team around Cantwell and Raskin, which would be like Celtic fans demanding Ange to build the team around Ideguchi and Soro. That’s their level of quality.

We are so far ahead of them both on and off the park, and it is only going to get worse for them.

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  1. Jamie Ferguson

    Why do the zombies think Scottish football would fail f sevco weren’t around? When they had to restart as a newco in the old 3rd division the top league ran fine if it wasn’t for the corrupt SFA and 5 way agreement they would never have gotten a place in the Scottish League as other clubs had all the proper documentation to apply for the league spot but a dodgy handshake goes a long way in Scottish football.

  2. Mitch

    Outside Rangers and Celtic the rest of the league would be fine on their own. R&C could just play against each other unless England let them play in their 1st Division or lower.

  3. Davie Bhoy77

    Hahahaha is all I can say to these utter idiotic sourpuss fuckwits!!!! Yes, PLEASE go and “resign” from OUR League, that way it’ll save us all, and the rest of World Football from pissing ourselves laughing at the 1 and ONLY club EVER, who has left a position in their countries League because of their jealousy that their main rivals continued dominance over them, that they’d rather leave than fight to try and close the gap, however big it may be!!!! What a completely moronic idea!! With your record, no country on the PLANET would desecrate their own leagues by including a team of cheating tax evaders!!! Also, what do you plan on doing if say, Portugal or Greece did, and then you are continually beaten every year in their leagues by Braga, Sporting Lisbon or Porto and in Greece’s by Panathinaikos??? I suppose you’ll all “resign” from theirs too seeing as you’d already gotten to do it once already!!! Your a complete JOKE man, so please stay here and keep us all laughing with both your “fans” ludicrous comments like this, as well as the “team” of serial losers like fatboy morelos, kent and taverniers attempts at stopping us year in year out!!! What happened to “WE DON’T DO WALKING AWAY!!” Clown!!! A massive Hail Hail to all you fannies, and 1 more thing

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