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GUTLESS Beale: “Celtic Guard Of Honour Is Out Of My Hands, Thankfully”

Have you ever knows a more gutless, hypocritical manager in your life than the one at Ibrox at this moment in time?

Michael Beale is the type of guy to worm his way into every opportunity to brag and boast and the first guy to wash his hands of anything that could possibly affect him negatively.

This is the guy who before his first Glasgow derby as manager was talking up his great record against Celtic, despite only ever being a first team coach when he was last at Ibrox, he wasn’t even the assistant manager!

This is the same guy who said that the players currently at Ibrox were ‘his players’ and he has a great relationship with them, that if he had stayed then Celtic would never have won the league, and then the as soon as the gap widens and they fall even further behind Celtic, he washes his hands of the players and says “The damage was already done to this team before I arrived here.”

The same manager that said “This club is build on high standards” after he let Partick Thistle get a goal back is now going back on those comments and refusing to give Celtic a guard of honour at Ibrox tomorrow.

But that isn’t even the main issue here. It’s the fact that Beale is so GUTLESS he refuses to take responsibility for the decision to protect himself from any backlash.

“I don’t think they would want us to and in the stadium in front of our fans, I don’t think it would be the right thing to do either.”

“We have a lot of respect for them, they’ve clearly been the best team in the league, but it’s been dealt with in the past and that takes it out of my hands thankfully.”

“I don’t think they would want us to”- Eh, why the hell wouldn’t we!? I’m sure the Celtic players would love it! And if that was actually an issue, why not reach out to Ange and let him tell you he does or doesn’t want it? What happened to your ‘high standards’?

But the part that is truly pathetic from Beale is “it’s been dealt with in the past and that takes it out of my hands thankfully.”

Have you ever heard anything more cowardly from a football manager before? Let alone one that goes around preaching about the ‘high stands’ of his club?

Like I pointed out earlier with the way he has washed his hands of this team as soon as he started getting bad results, the guy shirks all responsibility as soon as there is a chance of a negative light being shone on him.

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  1. John mcghee

    Listen i wish this shite would stop about Guards of Honour its never happened even when oldco was alive mr spoty beale is pondering to his scum fans but i cant wait for beale to fuck it up and then the fans will turn on him hope celtic go out tomorrow and beat them in there own piggary and ur hear boos alright and spoty beale right down the tunnel dirty ratbag of a manager..

  2. JTT

    No. Quarter. Given.

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