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Despite The Hysterics From Our Own Support, Ange Will Be Comfortable In The Knowledge He Gained From Today

You think given his success he has already achieved at Celtic, winning a league and cup double in what was seen as a rebuild season for us as a club in his very first year in charge at Parkhead, to now sitting on the cusp of an historic treble this season, that our support would have trust that the manager just might actually know what he’s doing.

So why are so many of our fanbase on social media berating the manager for his team selection today? Disgracefully labelling him as “arrogant” and “wrong” for selecting players that it was imperative we saw get tested today?

We actually have the league title sealed up and yet some in our support are still heinous enough to publicly turn on the manager because they are upset about a result in what is essentially a meaningless game in terms of the league.

I find that utterly disgraceful and there are a lot of supporters who need to take a long hard look at themselves after some of their comments today.

You know what, we were rubbish this afternoon. Every single player was as an individual and as a team we were very poor.

Of course, like every supporter I had hoped we would go there today and put on a show but we didn’t and that’s it.

We don’t “need to see a reaction”, we haven’t “given them a boost heading into next season”, or given the press and their support a stick to beat us with.

If you actually feel upset that you feel they will berate us over winning a meaningless games, then you are extremely feeble minded, because it doesn’t matter a jot what they say. It matters who will be celebrating with the league title at the end of the season and in case anyone has forgotten, that’s going to be us.

And the nonsense about giving them a boost into next season? That’s what it is – nonsense.

The last time they beat us in the league was the 1-0 game at Ibrox. That obviously gave them such a terrific boost that they went on to lose 3-0 against us in the very next game and we went on to win the league comfortably.

Today was for Ange to learn about “one or two things” as he said in his pre-match presser, i.e. seeing how the likes of Kobayashi, Oh and Bernabei handled this fixture and if they could be relied on next season.

If you genuinely think that Ange was better off not playing these guys, if you genuinely think it was better today that he didn’t find our if these players were up to it, then all I have to tell you is thank God you are not in charge of Celtic and thank God we have a manager that knows exactly what he is doing and isn’t short sighted enough to think 3 meaningless points was somehow the be all and end all today.

In Ange we trust.

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