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That is what we are seeing play out tonight folks.

Celtic fans being left bemused as ‘Rangers’ fans are overjoyed, bragging and boasting tonight because their team have picked up a meaningless 3 points against their bigger and better city rivals.

Celtic have already wrapped up the league title, the League Cup and we are in the Scottish Cup Final against Inverness after already putting Rangers out in the semis.

I say Celtic fans are bemused, and it’s because a lot of us are at the reaction from their fans on social media to their fans and players screaming and punching the air in celebration at Ibrox today as they managed to close the gap in the league table to 10 points.

We find it strange that a team and it’s fanbase would celebrate a meaningless 3 points against a second string Celtic side that will still leave them with an empty trophy cabinet at the end of the season.

We find it strange because the team playing out of Ibrox used to actually celebrate titles. That used to be their aim each season, to win the league.

Now their aim is simply, to ‘stop Celtic’ and if they’re luckily, if they have a good game and Celtic have a bad one or if Celtic play a weakened side, then they might just manage to get all 3 points.

What we are now seeing is a club, a team and a support that are comfortable being second best to their bigger and better city rivals.

It’s just like Espanyol as a club and fanbase are comfortable being second best behind their bigger and better city rivals Barcelona. You’ll see them madly celebrating the odd victory here or there against Barca, because they obviously aren’t going to be beating them to the league title and winning trophies against them.

And that’s where we are in Glasgow at the moment.

You have one team that celebrates trophies, mainly doubles and trebles, and you have that team’s lesser city rivals that can only celebrate the odd 3 points here or there, and they will do that no matter how meaningless, because, sadly for them, that is the best they can hope to achieve.

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