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Even FF Posters Are Getting Sick Of The Deludamol As It’s Claimed “Ange Is Cracking!”

Apparently, after winning the league title and being on course for a treble this season, Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou is “cracking under the pressure” of playing dead rubber matches.

Yes, you read that right. This is the type of delusion we are seeing on ‘Rangers’ cesspit fans forum FollowFollow at the moment.

The thread was put up last night after ten man Celtic’s defeat at Easter Road in a chaotic 4-2 thriller for the neutrals.

Of course, a good few of them agreed with the thread title and opening statement which you’ll see a couple of examples in the replies below, but it seems the Deludamol is wearing thin for a lot of them now.

Of course it was a lot easier to accept them saying that Ange can’t handle the pressure and would be gone by Christmas last season when he had lost 3 out of his first 6 league matches and drew the 7th, but once you come through that actual pressure and go on to win the league and cup double that very season, against a team that were Europa League finalists, it’s harder to convince people that this is a manager that “cracks” under pressure.

Not to mention there is absolutely no pressure on him right now in these league matches, because the league title is already won.

Of course some of his replies to the media are a bit snippy, because he doesn’t like insinuations that his team isn’t strong when he is on the verge of winning the treble!

What Ange is doing is protecting his players while also reminding the media of reality.

He knows they love to create false narratives of ‘crisis at Celtic’, he is merely dismantling before they even get going, and he’s doing that with cold, hard facts.

Celtic are champions, and our manager is simply reminding the media of that very bluntly, as he should, because he and this team have earned the right to do that.

Check out the replies below to the delusional thread.

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