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McCoist High On Deludamol, Claims Ange Will Be “Worried” About Beale’s Summer Signings

Oh dear.

It seems that Ally McCoist has once again embarrassed himself while talking about Celtic on BT Sport’s Scottish Football Extra with Chris Sutton tonight.

He has claimed that manager Ange Postecoglou may be keen to jump ship to Spurs this summer if the offer was to come his way, as he will be worried about Michael Beale’s summer signings and how strong they will be next season.

McCoist: “First thing you have got to say is big Ange has done a fantastic job, but it’s all about timing for managers and indeed players in many respects. It’s all about if the timing is right for him to go. Will Celtic dominate next year?”

“He doesn’t know. He doesn’t have a crystal ball and doesn’t know who Rangers are going to sign yet, maybe one or two changes…”

Sutton: ‘I don’t think he is overly bothered about what Rangers are going to do. I don’t think there is a fear factor where he is going sitting on the toilet worried about what Rangers are going to do. It’s about the offer from Spurs and can he work with Daniel Levy.”

McCoist: “You’re wrong. You’re totally wrong. He will be worried about Rangers.”

Sutton: “Yeah like he was when he first came in and Rangers blew a 25 point lead from the previous season. I mean really?”

McCoist: “Yeah really. What if it goes the other way and Celtic blow the league, Rangers win the league and win the cup. All of a sudden your stock drops.”

Sutton: “While I take your point about timing there is a massive assumption on your part that Ange Postecoglou will be s****** himself thinking about who Rangers will sign in the summer. I mean come on.”

Sutton is right, McCoist is totally delusional here. It’s the kind of guff you’d expect to hear on FollowFollow, not on BT Sport.

Ange won’t give a damn about what free signings Beale will be bringing into Ibrox this summer, he is only focused on making Celtic stronger, and unlike Beale, Ange will actually have a large amount of money, in Scottish terms, to go out and get in the players he wants that he believes will take us to the next level.

He wasn’t worried when they signed the superstar Aaron Ramsey, so he’s hardly going to be worried about them signing a bunch of Championship rejects that Beale once played against with Liverpool Under 14s…

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