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Ange Wants To Take Celtic’s Coaching Staff? He Needs To Tread Very Carefully

It’s being widely reported tonight in the SMSM for tomorrow’s newspapers that Ange Postecoglou wants to take key Celtic coaches with him – John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan.

Just recently, Ange talked up the talents of Kennedy after speculation appeared about him being a candidate for the Hearts job.

“John plays a vital role.” said Postecoglou.

I give him a lot of responsibility. He’s got a lot of experience at this football club, part of a lot of success.”

“That isn’t by accident. It’s not surprising people are looking at him.”

“And when the time is right he will make an outstanding manager.”

I understand from Ange’s point of view that he has a good relationship with Kennedy and it would be a lot easier having a coach at Spurs that already knows the way he wants to play, but he needs to be careful here.

He came to Celtic with no coaching staff, and that took big balls and it’s worked out for him, but clearly, part of that is because Kennedy is obviously very good at what he does. It’s why Damien Duff labeled him a “world class coach” and that is extremely high praise from someone like Duff who has worked under the best coaches at the highest level like he did at Chelsea.

If Ange starts taking our coaching staff away, it is not only going to piss off the Celtic board, but piss off the Celtic support as well.

Taking coaches away that were here and part of the club before you came is out of order in my opinion.

We haven’t even got to the players yet and of course there was speculation about him wanting to take Kyogo with him yesterday: Report: Spurs Want Ange To Bring £30m Rated Celtic Star With Him – Champions 67 but at least he actually brought him to the club in the first place, so that’s more understandable and you could perhaps forgive him for that.

Ange has already annoyed a section of the Celtic support after his talk of people being surprised how long he is at Celtic for and wanting to build a legacy here, if he then makes matters worse by stealing our coaches, he needs to be careful he doesn’t damage his reputation with Celtic and the supporter, because that would be a real shame for him and for our memories of him.

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  1. John Barrowman

    The guy is a 1st class cheat and a rat. All respect gone. Hope he’s fired from Spurs within few months.

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